CDERA Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency Call Now: 866.812.8231. 4) Community Assistance Contact SET Source Evaluation Team AVIP Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program AMS 1) Aerial Measuring System USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command PSWN Public Safety Wireless Network RN Registered Nurse JHEC Joint Hazard Evaluation Center NM Nautical Mile 2) Personal Protective Equipment JEMP Joint Exercise Management Program QBO Quasi-Biennial Oscillation STEP State Tribal Education Program RC&D Resource Conservation and Development 2) Regional Field Office TCD Tropical Cyclone Discussion CD 1) Civil Defense NISE National Intelligence Support Element NIBS National Institute of Building Sciences 403 ( 5170b) Essential Assistance NARAC National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center) ADAMS Automated Disaster Assistance Management System SOFA Status of Forces Agreement DTM Digital Terrain Model 2) Strategic Planning and Evaluation CGISS Center for Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface POL Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants MDA Maritime Domain Awareness SAD Southern Area District 3) Frequency Modulation BTA Bioterrorism Act 2) Staff Assistance Visit ERPG Emergency Response Guidelines CEMA Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association SMS Short Message Service IRR Initial Response Resource(s) TAG 1) Technology & Architecture Group ARRL American Radio Relay League 318 ( 5161) Audits and Investigations LOC 1) Letter of Credit WHLO White House Liaison Office HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company 2) Remedial Investigation OEMP Office of Emergency Medical Preparedness DLL Dynamic-Link Library(ies) WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transport Authority EM 1) Emergency Management (or Manager) The acronym is LCES, which stands for Lookouts, Communications, Escape routes, and Safe zones. IEA 1) Immigration Enforcement Agent MT 1) Megaton NCSRM National Communications Systems Regional Manager NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System ISSP Information Systems Security Program TBA 1) To Be Announced SWS Severe Weather Statement PAO 1) Pacific Area Office 2) Standard Form 2) Young Lawyers Division ADO Airport District Office HRPT High Resolution Picture Transmission OF 1) Office of Finance NMB National Mediation Board FPMR Federal Property Management Regulation CDRG-PAC Catastrophic Disaster Response Group - Primary Agency Committee TTWS Terrorist Threat Warning System (DHS program, affiliated with HSOC) CRZ Contamination Reduction Zone NARTC National Advanced Resource Technology Center -- Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center-- Crisis and Emergency Risk . EFS Emergency Food and Shelter 2) Direct-Reading Dosimeter Main reasons for declining surgery were: Improving symptoms or minimal pain (55%), economic burden (12%), concerns about post-operative rehabilitation time (9%) 80. 3) Civil Affairs KD Knocked Down DCI Director, Central Intelligence 2) United Postal Service NACD National Association of Corporate Directors A-TCET 1) Anti-Terrorism Combat Enforcement Team T-CAR Tribal Capability Assessment for Readiness DRASH Deployable Rapid-Assembly Shelter FFCD Full, Final, and Complete Disclosure UMCA Umatilla Chemical Activity DSN Defense Switched Network SERT 1) Secretary's Emergency Response Team (DHHS) COS 1) Cash on Shipment RBCS Rural Business Cooperative Service NPMA National Property Management Association 3) Energy Assurance HP 1) Hewlett-Packard 501 ( 5191) Procedure for Declaration 2) Cadre of On-call Response Employees BMP Best Management Practice(s) NSTR Nothing Significant to Report SOLIC Special Operations-Low Intensity Conflict NCDDM National Center for Disaster Decision Making Reach out to someone at DURA today to discuss our housing rehabilitation programs by calling 303-534-3872. SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System 2) Mortgage Bankers Association BWIC Biological Warning and Incident Characterization FAX Facsimile DASH Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health ATR Advanced Thermal Reactor The action you just performed triggered the security solution. EMI 1) Emergency Management Institute OBS Observation(s) Acronyms Abbreviations & Terms A Capability Assurance Job Aid FEMA-524 / March 2005. HHSEOC Health and Human Services Emergency Operations Center JIISE Joint Interagency Intelligence Support Element 2) Chief Scientist [NOAA] PBRB Program Budget Review Board 2) Disaster Response Force REHAB Meaning Abbreviations Common. FMC 1) Federal Management Circular 3) Epidemiological Intelligence Service JNACC Joint Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center 5) Exterior Orientation (Parameter) 2) Military Police 4) Custodial Officer CADD Computer-Assisted Drafting and Design USN United States Navy SFAR Special Federal Aviation Regulation RETREP Regional Emergency Transportation Representative MeV Megaelectronvolt 2) Increased Cost of Compliance VDU 1) Visual Display Unit 2) Ante Meridiem FICEMS Federal Interagency Committee on Emergency Medical Services Suggest. RFP Request for Proposal GETS Government Emergency Telecommunications System/Service GeoTIFF Georeferenced Tagged Image File Format ESC Executive Steering Committee 2) Administrative Officer DPMT Disaster Pediatric Medical Team NRT 1) National Response Team NAHB National Association of Home Builders USACBDC United States Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command 2) United States Ship NSEERS National Security Entry Exit Registration System DWI 1) Disaster Welfare Information (or Inquiry) COMPUSEC Computer Security GIWW Gulf Intracoastal Waterway NGRS National Geodetic Reference System OHS Office of Homeland Security (now HSC) COSIN Control Staff Instruction(s) T&A Time and Attendance Computing File Extensions. AVLIS Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation ALS Advanced Life Support MHz Megahertz FICO Flood Insurance Claims Office(r) COA Course of Action OPSEC Operations/Operational Security 2) Domestic Imagery Requirement CCP 1) Casualty Collection Point IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. VISN Veterans Integrated Services Network 2) Public Technology, Inc. RAC AC Regional Assistance Committee Advisory Council h (also hr) hour RECD Rural Economic and Community Development NEPPC National Emergency Prevention and Preparedness Council FCC 1) Federal Communications Commission FAB FEMA Advisory Board MARR Mission Assignment Reimbursement Request VHA Veterans Health Administration RDB Resource Database 2) Recovery Center WSEL Water-Surface Elevation EOS 1) Earth-Observing System -DIY: Do it yourself -RENO: Renovation project -HVAC: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning -FHA: Federal Housing Administration - And, last but not least, DURA stands for the Denver Urban Renewal Authority. UPC Universal Product Code DAC 1) Disaster Application/Assistance Center FRO Flood Response Office LA Legislative Affairs (see OLA) SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus WWW World Wide Web EFT Electronic Funds Transfer SSP Species Survival Plan TBR Travel Business Roundtable HES Hurricane Evacuation Study 2) Nevada Test Site TFT Temporary Full Time EADRCC Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center MARAC Mutual Aid Regional Advisory Committee ASDSO Association of State Dam Safety Officials TADS 1) Threat Assessment Database System Technology, . FRERP Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan BU Building (Line) 302 ( 5143) Coordinating Officers WER Weapons-Effect Reporting LOMR Letter of Map Revision CPAV Community Program Assistance Visit TROR Treasury Report on Receivables WVOES West Virginia Office of Emergency Services SENTRI Secure Electronic Network for Traveler's Rapid Inspection (Fast inspection lanes at border; Program which allows low-risk travelers to enter through a dedicated lane at the U.S./Mexico border with minimal or no delay) FPA Federal Preparedness Agency (obsolete) IFG Individual and Family Grant 2) American Evangelical Christian Church CMOC Civil Military Operations Center S&T Science and Technology Most popular Rehabilitation abbreviations updated in January 2023. REP 1) Radiological Emergency Preparedness 3) Institute of Chemical Defense CMG Consequence Management Group CINC Commander-In-Chief 10 0 obj << /Length 11 0 R /Filter /LZWDecode >> stream IBT International Brotherhood of Teamsters MRR Measurement Residual Ratio 2) Tactical Operations Center RQ Reportable Quantity CAR 1) Capability Assessment for Readiness 3) Configuration Management RRT 1) Radiological Response Team DIAO Deputy Individual Assistance Officer OAO Office of Aviation Operations NIER National Industrial Equipment Reserve The action you just performed triggered the security solution. ART Awards Review Team IMSR Incident Management Situation Report TTT Train-the-Trainer A-ROC Alternate Regional Operations Center ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation FRC 1) Federal Records Center List of Acronyms SLG 101: Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning (9/96) page ACR-3 OSC OSHA PA PAZ PBA On-Scene Coordinator U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration public address Protective Action Zone CTIA Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association IHOG Interagency Helicopter Operation Guide CASE Computer-Aided Software Engineering JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan ARC American Red Cross (also RC) [ESF-6] 2) Rural Electrification Administration CIO Chief Information Office/Officer SOSC State On-Scene Coordinator 2) National Funeral Directors Association RESTAT Resources Status 4) Disaster Assistance Response Team CDP Center for Domestic Preparedness ESF 10 Oil and Hazardous Materials Response LYNX Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority GTR 1) Government Technical Representative HQ Headquarters In fact, every county in the state has been declared a flood disaster area at some point. OPERIOD Operational Period DTO Drug Trafficking Organization RADID Radar Information Display USSOUTHCOM United States Southern Command 2) Compact Disc CML Commercial FRSSB Facilities Radiological Safety and Safeguards Branch MCU Movement Coordination Unit IIS [Microsoft] Internet Information Server NRC 1) National Records Center 3) Atmospheric Monitoring System JIC 1) Joint Information Center 613 ( 5196b) Contributions for Personnel and Administrative Expenses 2) Interoperable Communications Equipment A simple machine that transfers force from one place to another and changes the force's direction . Ensure that medication is returned and reordered except emergency drugs. ABO Agents of Biological Origin ARL-M Airborne Reconnaissance Low - Multifunction 2) Federal Operations Support ESF 12 Energy NADO National Association of Development Organizations 2) Hydrologic and Hydraulic (Analyses) Note: This class does not cover all acronyms and terms. 2) Remote Automated Weather System QC Quality Control Aspire Health Partners is Florida's largest Behavioral Health Non-Profit that provides a full continuum of behavioral healthcare services across six (6) Central Florida Counties; Brevard, Hillsborough, Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole. 2) Insulating Concrete Forms JTF-CS Joint Task Force - Civil Support NERC North American Electric Reliability Council ONRA Office of National Risk Assessment LOEP Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness MMC Main Media Center FSO Free Space Optics NFDC National Fire Data Center 2) Automated Export System 2) Operation Support Team CBA 1) Contractors and Builders Association IFSAR Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar AAAE American Association of Airport Executives MFAS Marriage Fraud Amendment System DDP Data-Derived Product TMS 1) Training Management System NOGA Notice of Grant Award 3) Disasters Emergency Committee AEW Airborne Early Warning ASR Aquifer Storage Recovery NASTTPO National Association of State Title Three Program Officials 2) Emergency Medical Technician WIMS Weather Information Management System k kilo MCO MERS Coordination Office EOIR Executive Office for Immigration Review 2) Multi-Role Enforcement Aircraft CARD Collaborative Agencies for Responding to Disasters BGAD Blue Grass Army Depot NLECC National Law Enforcement Coordination Center TDS Time, Distance, and Shielding OE 1) Operational Environment TPED Tasking, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination WRIST Weather Radar Identification of Severe Thunderstorms AARP = American Association of Retired People [Snelling . DEFCON Defense Condition 2) Environmental Specialist MEPI Middle East Partnership Initiative 3) Crisis Management Coordinator MAEC Mid-America Earthquake Center NAOC National Airborne Operations Center USCS United States Customs Service NEXRAD Next Generation Weather Radar TSAC Towing Safety Advisory Committee JDISS Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System FERC 1) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 2) Infrastructure Coordination Division DAST Disaster Assessment Survey Team PPI Preliminary (or Pre-) Placement Interview DPA 1) Deepwater Ports Act AES 1) Aeromedical Evacuation System ATB Applied Technology Board TROPAN Tropical Analysis Facsimile Network TIGER Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Reference (System) CAO 1) Caribbean Area Office WFU Wildland Fire Use Terms HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air (as in filters) VST Victim Support Task OCLUS Outside the Continental Limits of the United States IAFC International Association of Fire Chiefs FTO Foreign Terrorist Organizations ASL 1) Above Sea Level LCAT Logistics Closeout Assistance Team JRERP Joint Radiological Emergency Response Plan GPL 1) General Population Level 2) Transition Planning Office NRCSDC Natural Resources Conservation Service District Conservationist 2) Emergency Preparedness Program TSC 1) Technical Support Center LHW Last Hour Worked As a Physical Therapist, I have to be careful with the pt medical abbreviation because lowercase pt should mean patient, while upper case PT refers to . TSARM TSA Self-Assessment Risk Module NIH National Institutes of Health DSR Damage Survey Report 2) Top Secret 2) Port Security Assessment AEIC Alaska Earthquake Information Center OPT Operations and Planning Team 3) Request for Allocation Advice WTC World Trade Center (obsolete) 2) American Sign Language IPR 1) In-Process (or In-Progress) Review 621 ( 5197) Administrative Authority kg kilogram BPRP Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program 2) Special Agent-in-Charge (FBI) A/D Analog/Digital IMINT Imagery Intelligence NMAS National Map Accuracy Standard FHWA Federal Highway Administration TSCM 1) Technical Security Countermeasure REAC/TS Radiological (or Radiation) Emergency Assistance Center - Training Site OGAT Official Government Acceptance Test DACS Deportable Alien Control System (replaced by ERM) ONA Other Needs Assistance DRTF Disaster Relief Task Force MCMC Mid-Continent Mapping Center DMV Department of Motor Vehicles GCF Ground Concentration Factor EEO Equal Employment Opportunity RENC Regional Emergency Notification Center IOC 1) Initial Operational Capability LTD Limited RLS Registered Land Surveyor 2) Citizens' Band 202 ( 5132) Disaster Warnings NIUSR National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue meV Millielectronvolt ITC 1) Information Technology Committee POE 1) Point of Entry PCE Programmatic Categorical Exclusion BOC Basic Operating Cost ASIS American Society for Industrial Security D/A Departments and Agencies ACIR Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations PUDA Pueblo Depot Activity DGN Design (File) SHARES Shared Resources (NCS high frequency radio network) TSAR Transportation Security Administration Representative FZ Flood Zone IOF 1) Initial Operating Facility PSS Physical Security Specialist 3) Federal Mobilization Center SBOL Straight Bill-Of-Lading EDAC Economic Defense Advisory Committee IRS Internal Revenue Service Fire extinguishers also have an acronym for remembering how to use the device and effectively put out the fire, explains the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, PASS: If flames reignite, repeat the process starting with aiming for the base. EER Eligible Existing Resources MTSP Mass Transit Security Program LCM Life Cycle Management SIT Situation Reporting System USPS United States Postal Service FFRDC Federally Funded Research & Development Center CSAF Chief of Staff, Air Force NPSC National Processing Service Centers 2) Electric Service Priority NBACC National Biosecurity Analysis and Countermeasures Center There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. ANRC American National Red Cross UA 1) Unauthorized Absence Gardner Nursing and Rehabilitation -. RRP Regional Response Plan THA Temporary Housing Assistance 2) Forensic Services Division PDS Personnel Decontamination Station OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy FRPG Federal Response Planning Guidance MIDAS Microfluidic Integrated DNA Analysis System CERES California Environmental Resources Evaluation System ECA Earth-orbit Crossing Asteroid PBS 1) Public Building Service HVT High Value Target LTL Less-than Truckload BFD Base Flood Depth 2) Office of Private Sector Liaison (formerly PSL) ALCOM Alaskan Command REC Regional Emergency Coordinator EFSNB Emergency Food and Shelter National Board IHS Indian Health Service HWL High Water Line MO 1) Medical Officer HITRON Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron CBI 1) Chandler Burning Index PSI 1) Pounds (of pressure) per Square Inch 3) Member of Congress ORM Other Regulated Materials EIDA Executive Information and Display Area R Roentgen Learn more. WMD 1) Water Management District AMWA Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central NNOC National Network Operations Center SMG Specialty Management Group STU-IV Secure Telephone Unit - Fourth Generation MPH Miles Per Hour HRCQ Highway Route Controlled Quantity 2) Minimal Repair Program DRT Disaster Response Team (NIMA) 2) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 4) Alternate Command Post NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration CWS 1) Check Writing System FTTTF Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force CINCNORAD Commander-in-Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command PATRIOT (see USA PATRIOT [Act]) CAM 1) Chemical Agent Monitor WO 1) Warrant Officer ZONE AH Special Flood Hazard Area inundated by the 100-year flood; flood depths of 1 to 3 feet (usually areas of ponding); base flood elevations are determined Exercise emergency authority to stop and prevent unsafe acts. NIMS/NET National Incident Management System Network Kb Kilobit 2) Compact Integrated Narcotics Detector Instrument COW Cellular-On-Wheels 3) Mobility Control Center PAG Protective Action Guide REDAM Radiological Emergency Dose Assessment Model WPT Workforce Performance Training NRIS National Resource Information System 2) Incident Crisis Unit 2) Information System(s) VOAD Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. 2) Interim Message Change DARPA Defense Advanced Research Project(s) Agency FWCA Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act SECDHS Secretary, Department of Homeland Security ROM Read-Only Memory EOD 1) Entered on Duty CAD 1) Computer Aided/Assisted Dispatch IMT 1) Incident Management Team CANDU Canadian-Deuterium Uranium (Reactor) CINCAMC Commander-in-Chief, Air Mobility Command AVC Alaska Volcano Center EBR Endogenous Biological Regulators PUBLIC ASSISTANCE ARC. ARSOF Army Special Operations Forces CRM Crisis (or Communications) Resource Manager SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area 2) National Warning System LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging (system) DHUD Department of Housing and Urban Development (also HUD) CNO 1) Chief of Naval Operations SFP Supplementary Feeding Program FIRM Flood Insurance Rate Map kBPS Kilobits Per Seconds 2) Wideband Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! 3) Pueblo Depot Activity TITLE II Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Assistance AIS 1) Automated Information System(s) CERT/CC Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center NRCOC Nuclear Regulatory Commission Operations Center CVO Cascades Volcano Observatory FAAT 1) FEMA Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Terms MKT Mobile Kitchen Trailer SAT 1) Satellite 3) Survivable Systems Analysis IEMG International Emergency Management Group NCUA National Credit Union Administration C/E Communications/Electronics 5) Regular Day Off SCSN Southern California Seismic Network IBD Improvised Biological Device IPFO Interim Principle Federal Official FDMS Federal Docketing Management System RMNCS Regional Manager National Communications System 2) Intelligence Team 4) [United States] Nuclear Regulatory Commission RPG Response Planning Guide EEX Employee Express NICCP National Interdiction Command & Control Plan 3) Red Cross (also ARC) IT Information Technology 303 ( 5144) Emergency Support Teams USCSCFAC U.S. Customs Service COBRA Fees Advisory Committee BERD Blocked Erosion Rate Database AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network ISMA International Security Management Association The list of Rehab abbreviations in Emergency. ESF 09 Urban Search and Rescue FRSA Federal Railroad Safety Act CREW Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup terayle hill vs chris brown, homeserve usa charge on credit card, popeyes market analysis,
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