Tablet LCD Screen

7_Tablet LCD Screen_横幅.jpg

      Ronbo can provide LCD Displays for Tablet PC & Pad, Digital Siginage, E-Book Reader, Protable Comsumption Device and Home Application etc, these LCD Displays have very good picture quality with IPS LCDs, High Resolution and High Brightness,  and also have narrow and thin Backlight with high Luminance.

     They are available in various High Resolutions including WSVGA (1024x600), XGA (1024x768), WXGA (800x1280), 720P (720x1280), HD (1366x768), FHD (1080x1920), WUXGA (1200x1920) and son on.  and there are various interface available including TTL, LVDS, MIPI and eDP Interface and etc.

     These LCD Displays are options of bonding with Resistive or Capacitive touch Screen using OCA or Double Tape, and are options of Driver Board and assistant funtion samples.

     The list below is our standard offering, please click into detail informaiton. However, We have many more customized solution and special sizes available as options. Please contact us for more information.