COG LCD Module

10_COG LCD Module_横幅.jpg

       Ronbo COG LCD modules (Chip-on-Glass LCD Module) monochrome display provides graphic type in resolution of 128x32 to 320x240 and so on.and there are various interface available including I2C, SPI, 6800, 8080 Interface and etc.

      The COG package offers high quality with the benefits of light weight, and low power consumption, The COG LCM technology is very suitable for the applications that demand more compact package displays.

       The list below is our standard offering, please click into detail informaiton. However, We have many more customized solution and special sizes available as options. Please contact us for more information.

Image Dots Model LCM Type Module size
Viewing Area
Dot size
Dot Pitch
Controller IC Interface
128*32 RBO12832A COG 57.0*25.0*2.85 51.0*16.0 0.35*0.39 0.38*0.43 ST7565R 8Bit MCU, FPC 18PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*32 RBO12832B COG 56.5*22.9*2.8 53.5*15.4 0.36*0.39 0.39*0.42 ST7567 8Bit MCU, FPC 15PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*32 RBO12832C COG 40.0*17.5*2.0 37.2*10.2 0.25*0.25 0.28*0.28 ST7567 SPI, FPC 9PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*32 RBO12832D COG 61.4*30.6*2.9 54.3*18.6 0.36*0.42 0.40*0.46 ST7567 SPI, FPC 28PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
128*32 RBO12832E COG 46.2*19.2*1.75 43.2*12.0 0.29*0.30 0.315*0.33 ST7567 SPI, FPC 12PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*64 RBO12864A COG 71.3x48.2 x5.3 65.5 x38 0.45 x0.49 0.515 x 0.475 ST7565R 8Bit MCU, FPC 36PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*64 RBO12864A1 COG 71.3x48.2x5.3 65.5x38.0 0.45x 0.49 0.475x 0.515 ST7565R 8Bit MCU, FPC 36PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
128*64 RBO12864B COG 50.3x 39.3 x7.0 44.0 x 29.0 0.29 x0.36 0.32 x 0.39 ST7565P 8Bit MCU, FPC 30PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*64 RBO12864C COG 53.1x 33.3 x2.8 50.1 x 24.0 0.33x0.315 0.36 x 0.345 ST7565R 8Bit MCU, FPC 30PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
128*64 RBO12864F COG 56.4x 37.0 x2.8 53.8 x 28.8 0.35x0.36 0.38 x 0.39 ST7567 8Bit MCU, FPC 30PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
128*64 RBO12864O COG 43.50*33.8*3.5 37.09*23.01 0.26*0.33 0.29*0.36 UC1701X SPI, FPC 14PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*64 RBO12864H COG 31.0x 22.5 x1.7 29.0 x 16.35 0.18x0.20 0.20 x 0.22 ST7567 SPI, FPC 12PIN, Pitch:0.8mm
128*64 RBO12864X COG 33.7x30.5x4.0 30.7 x23.0 0.205 x0.308 0.225 x 0.4328 ST7567 SPI, FPC 12PIN, Pitch:0.6mm
128*128 RBO128128C COG 49.0x55.0x2.8 45.4x43.9 0.275x0.295 0.3x0.32 UC1617S SPI, FPC 14PIN, Pitch:1.0mm
128x128 RBO128128D COG 47.85x52.8x2.1 44.0x40.5 0.282x0.282 0.297x0.297 UC1617S 8Bit MCU, FPC 22PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
128x128 RBO128128E COG 55.0x60.2x2.1 48.78x48.78 0.3x0.3 0.32x0.32 ST7541 8Bit MCU, FPC 30PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
128x160 RBO128160A COG 47.5x64.0x2.8 43.9x52.0 0.25x0.27 0.28x0.30 ST7586S 8Bit MCU, FPC 26PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
132*64 RBO13264A COG 77.0x47.5x4.4 72.0x36.5 0.50x 0.50 0.52x 0.52 ST7567 SPI, FPC 10PIN, Pitch:0.5mm
160*128 RBO160128B COG 96.0*78.0*2.2 90.0*63.0 0.46*0.43 0.5*0.47 ST7669 MCU 8Bit FPC 40PIN PITCH:0.5mm
160*160 RBO160160A COG 83.8(W) ×76.5 (H) ×9.5 (T) 60.0 x60.0 0.32 x 0.32 0.34 x 0.34 UC1698U 8Bit MCU, FPC 18PIN, Pitch:1.0mm
160*160 RBO160160E COG 77.8×76.5×9.0 60.0 x60.0 0.32 x 0.32 0.34 x 0.34 UC1698U 8Bit MCU, FPC 18PIN, Pitch:1.0mm
240x64 RBO24064A COG 126.2x55.1x5.0 111.0x37.0 0.41x0.47 0.44x0.50 ST75256 SPI, FPC 24Pin, Pitch:0.5mm
240x128 RBO240128B COG 131.5x91.5x11.0 115.0x64.5 0.4x0.4 0.45x0.45 UC1608 8Bit MCU, 20PIN Pin Header
240x160 RBO240160A COG 85.0x62.8x2.0 77.58x51.6 0.28x0.28 0.3x0.3 ST7586S 8Bit MCU, FPC 25PIN, Pitch:0.9mm
256x128 RBO256128A COG 77.6x51.3x2.85 71.74x38.46 0.24x0.24 0.26x0.26 ST75256 8Bit MCU, FPC 24Pin, Pitch:0.8mm