Resistive Touch Panel

13_Resistive Touch Panel_横幅.jpg

 ■ Resistive touch screen is an outstanding high quality product, suitable for low cost solution. 

 ■ It is inherently of many advantages such as high accuracy, quick response, drift-free, stable and long durability for a life time of 1,000,000 times finger touches. 

 ■ Resistive touchscreen featured contamination-resistant and waterproof, is designed for the harshest environment such as dust is prevalent or liquid spills, splashes and wash down.

 ■ It can be touched by finger, gloved finger, leather or stylus pen.


 ■ Low cost

 ■ Finger, gloved hand and stylus activation

 ■ High accuracy and sensitivity

 ■ High durability and reliability

 ■ Contaminant proof and liquid resistance