High Brightness TFT Display

4_High Brightness TFT Display_横幅.jpg

      If customers would need sunlight readable displays solution for the applications, High Brightness TFT Display solution is as a good solution. High brightness TFT LCD panel is featured with brightness up from 800 nits to 1100 nits. 

     These models are also available in resistive touch panel and capacitive touch panel, but the brightness would be affected after adding the touch panel.  Sunlight Readable LCD Modules (High Brightness TFT Display) are suitable for outdoor applications. 

     These LCD Displays are options of bonding with Resistive or Capacitive touch Screen using OCA or Double Tape, and are options of Driver Board and assistant funtion samples.

     The list below is our standard offering, please click into detail informaiton. However, We have many more customized solution and special sizes available as options. Please contact us for more information.